ChocolateBliss is a user and founder on the ChocolateDreamz Wiki, and a few others.


Choco was born with a heart condition at 8 months old. Her mother stayed with her in the hospital for 9 days.

Choco was bullied in 3rd grade to 7th grade. She honestly didn't care though.

She was diagnosed with Autism, along with her older brother. Believe it or not, Choco hates herself due to her autism. She doesn't really hate the other kids with the same condition.


Choco had black hair in 2 pigtails, until she got black braids.

She got red braids, saying that she wanted to "try something new for a change".

She has pale skin. Case closed.

Choco wears brown glasses.

Her weight is average, but she's dieting to make it look better.

She has plump lips, but she HATES them, due to not being able to "smile pretty".

Due to her heart surgery, Choco has a permanent stitch on her chest.

She has a light amount of zits, but she doesn't bother to get rid of them, because they're better off "not being popped".

Choco has been very prone to falling and getting hurt, that she has scars on both of her kneecaps.

She almost broke her kneecap once, while tripping in her room.

Choco used to have bangs, but she "accidentally" forgot to put them back, so she covered her forehead with a black beanie.

She wears the beanie at all times, except when she's sleeping.

She now has short black hair, due to her braids being taken out.



Choco made fun of an emoji on the Iate wiki, saying it looked like a piece of bread. Happier didn't like that, not liking Choco. Choco apologized to them, saying that she was probably high during that time, due to eating alot of chocolate cereal. Happier forgave her, and they became friends ever since.

Due to Jelly's first account being disabled by user choice, Choco fell into sadness, but not depression.

Status: Good Friends/Possible Crush?


Choco and Metal didn't get along at first, due to Metal spamming and being quite immature. However, Metal was really sorry about what he did. Choco forgave him slowly, still keeping an eye on him. When Balsa married Spongeedd, Choco broke up with him, not brokenhearted, but fed up with him. She and Metal interacted a bit more than usual. When they sended each other hearts on the Iate wiki chat, Balsa hated it, and told her to stop. Choco agreed, but she refused to NOT send Metal hearts on Discord. Back in February, Metal "accidentally" revealed too much of the secret of him and Choco dating. Balsa forced him to break up with Choco, cussing her out as well. Choco called Spongeedd "stupid", and telling her to "stop dating guys who don't even LIKE her". Choco left the server by her own will, and went onto Metal's, upset at him, and everyone else. However, Metal and Choco still love each other, REFUSING to break up with each other.

Choco secretly wants Metal to break up with her, so Balsa won't dislike her anymore, but betray the "whore" anyways. No matter how pleased Balsa would be, Choco wouldn't want to be her friend, NOR rejoin her "lame ass" Discord server ever again.

As of March 23 2018, Choco has divorced and broken up with Metal, saying that she could NEVER be straight ever again. She also prefers girls over guys anyway, choosing to never leave Fam's side.

Choco also broke up with Metal for Balsa's sake, and to make her jealous after what happened with Spongeedd. She reveals to not love Metal as much as Fam.

As of March 31st, Choco has unfriended and blocked Metal on Discord.

Status: Enemies (On Choco's side)


Choco met Balsa in early December, and due to Choco being Content Mod at the time, she often yelled at her. However, when Balsa drew her and Balloon together, she loved it, putting them on good terms again. After Choco joined the Iate wiki, she started dating Spongeedd, along with Fam. However, despite him already being in a relationship, Balsa started going after Spongeedd, sending him hearts, kissing him, and hugging him. Choco wasn't jealous, she was scared to tell Fam about Spongeedd "cheating" on them. She threatened Balsa that if she doesn't stop going after Spongeed, she'll tell Fam. But Choco deemed it a waste of time. When Spongeedd proposed to Balsa, she decided to break up with him, because "she's fed up with his fake acts". When Choco started dating Metal, Balsa was suspicious of them. After weeks of getting away with it, Balsa finally erupted when Metal said that "he'll do anything". Choco DID NOT like that, so she told Balsa that she's already "with that stupid Spongeedd". Balsa started calling Choco names, and Choco left her server. She's fed up with Balsa "attempting to commit suicide", and thinks that Balsa's faking it for the sake of attention.

If Choco ever broke up with Metal, and Balsa's happy again, she would tell her it didn't matter anyways, since Choco would never like her again.

IF Balsa ever killed herself, Choco would have no idea how to react to it.

Since Choco and Metal are done, Choco expects Balsa to take him back. If she doesn't, Choco WON'T take METAL back, even if he wants them to get back together.

As of last weekend, Choco forgave Balsa for the past, but refuses to be her friend again.

Status: Friends (One-sided, on Choco's side)


Same as Balsa, Choco met him in early December. The two were friends for a while. When Choco got demoted, due to PinFan3's blog, she hid on her wiki, hoping no-one would find her. One day, however, Iate sent her a message on her wall, asking if she was okay. Choco said yes, but was unsure if she would go back to the BFDI wiki. She did, eventually, and things became normal again. When Balsa invited her to Iate's wiki, Choco accepted, seeing all her friends again. However, same as the BFDI wiki, the Iate wiki started having some drama. Choco, along with some other people, were involved in it too. Choco was tired of fighting, so she refused to go on the Iate wiki for a day. To her relief, there was drama, but she wasn't there, due to not being online at the time. She was REALLY proud of herself for missing a day on the Iate wiki. She visited again almost everyday again, but it wasn't a happy time. Choco and Iate started fighting over stupid things, such as emojis and baby alts. Choco confided in Jelly about an apology to Iate, and they helped her make it up to him. Sadly, another fight broke out between the two, about Baby Balloon. Baby Balloon was crying for Metal, NOT Choco, and cussing her out as well. Iate, however, didn't care, due to controlling the alt account. Choco left the chat abruptly, venting and spamming on her own wiki's wall. She went onto her wiki's chat, yelling at Metal, despite him not even being there. Iate told her he was "sorry", and said something about killing himself. A few minutes later, he returned, saying that she kept "talking shit". To Choco's surprise, Iate challenged her to a roast session. Choco laughed, saying that that's "the dumbest idea Iate's ever thought of". The next day, Iate wasn't online, and Choco thought that the roast session was called off. Sunday morning, however, Iate and his "cringey as fuck" alt Baby Balloon, came on as well. Choco started writing down alot of hateful things down, threatning to copy and paste it in the chat. She realized that since Iate is suicidal, it won't be worth it anyways, so she just stayed idle the whole time. Iate told her that she lost, calling her a wimp. But Choco states that he's constantly being bullied, unlike her, and eventually he'll break, and stick a knife in his skull. Choco says that she doesn't need to drive him to suicide, since there are more people who could do a better job than her.

Tired of the drama and fighting, Choco can never bring herself to go on his wiki chat ever again.

As of April 2nd 2018, Choco decided to forgive Iate for what he's done in the past. She isn't sure if HE forgives HER for what SHE'S done in the past.( I do)

As of April 2018, Choco has decided in her (weak) heart to forgive Iate, and be his friend again. ^^

Status: Awkward Besties >///////< (I miss you choco please can we be friends again)

InanimateFanGirl :3

Choco met Fam in early October of 2017. Fam was found blushing in Choco's presence alot, which made Choco suspicious. She asked Fam, (privately), to confess what was going on. Fam revealed to have a crush on Choco. Choco was shocked and distraught, but still found Fam a sweet girl. She happily accepted Fam's confession, and they became a couple. When Balsa was cussing Fam out on the Iate wiki, Choco was mad and pissed at her. Choco was tempted to threaten Balsa if she doesn't leave Fam alone. Choco was tricked into thinking that Fam hurt Balsa, but it was actually the other way around. Choco was thinking of ditching the Iate wiki with Fam, but sadly, it never happened. To make matters worse, Metal started falling in love with Choco, and everyone noticed it..except Fam. Choco was scared to be seen with Metal, and after months of sadness, Choco breaks up with him, saying that "she loves Fam more than anything", and "she doesn't want to break Fam's heart". Choco is scared to tell Fam that she was with Metal, even though she revealed to have never loved him.

Choco wants to hurt Minh for blocking her dear lover on the BFDI wiki.

Status: LOVERS <3


Choco and Blu started off on a very awkward start. She would always spam him, and never stopped. When she was blocked for 1 week, she decided to leave him alone. The two followed each other on Skype, but Choco's mother and aunt found out. They demanded her to delete the app. And never talk to Blu again, not even on Facebook.

Status: Great Friends