Jelly has yeet lol kay.

Jelly is genderqueer, but is called male a lot due to their masculinity levels.

In the alternative universe, Jelly's full name is Xanthos "Jelly" Verrückt Xavier-Brynylyn. (Zavier, cuz it's French.)

In the regular one, it's Happier Clickers Kumnet.

Jelly is part-god, enabling them to gain access to powerful weapons, most commonly out of dark matter.


Jelly's flavor is infected tangerine. Jelly is 3'4". Jelly's middle name contributes to their behavior. Their behavior is most likely sophisticated, formal, and insane at times. They are seen as forgiving, but they have more enemies than friends. Their weight is less than .01 ounces, so they plan to gain some weight. Jelly had a waifu, but they broke up with her for the sake of someone else. Jelly has a mix of British and Australian accent. They also like this song for some reason. It was either that song, or the Ballad of Lord Tourettes, from Dick Figures.



They met in Iate's wiki in early February. For a few days, Choco wasn't fond of Jelly's behavior, not liking them. Then, Choco and Iate broke out in a fight because of Jelly's unicode emoji. Choco called it a piece of bread and due to Jelly not liking Bliss at the time, it made them hate her even more. After Iate left, Choco PM'ed Jelly about the fight and she apologized to them. Jelly accepted, and the two were friends ever since. Due to Jelly's first account beong closed, Choco fell into sadness. But Jelly made a second account and Choco was noticeably happier. Jelly has been on Choco's side for a long time and can trust her, to the point where the two can exchange secrets. (kinda)

Status: Really Good Friends



Status: Good Friends



Status: Major Enemies


Jelly and IFG first met in February with few interactions. Then, 7 months later, Jelly spoke to IFG as she was starting to miss her gf. Jelly talked to her and the two became friends again.

Status: Really Good Friends