Signatures (ChocolateBliss)

Sign your name here after a message saying what you think of me. Mean things are allowed, cuz I'm in a good mood today.

You are a great friend and a good user. I hope you never leave FANDOM. - WubBass

You are an idiot, and a fat autistic hypocrite. You're SUCH an embarrassment to this world. ~ ChocolateBliss

A sweet, kind-hearted, lovable person who can brighten up anyone's day. Also someone to rely on if you have a hard time. ~ HappierclickersRebirthed/Jelly

an ugly bastard. ~ millineumganv

How do i KMS-Mrsbalsaleafy

Innocent, but in a very relatable way. And by relatable; i mean good. ~ Nev

Cool, nice. - lavender

Also, here's a cute pic for you :3